Love Where You Are & Start From There

the first step is the hardest part

Here it is! My new website, my new blog, my new determination to put myself out there as a yoga teacher.   To type that sentence makes me want to crawl back in bed and hide!  Nothing about this is comfortable or easy for me. My highly imaginative mind offers up multitudes of reasons why I should not proceed.  I lack enough experience;  I don’t have anything original to say; No one will care – and many more iterations on the same theme.  It is exhausting!

More yoga studios pop up daily with more teachers with offerings to help you feel better, look better, live better, sleep better, etc!  “There is certainly no need for another yoga teacher with a website”, is all I think while I work with my web developer to optimize my site so it will be the first to show up when ‘yoga’ is googled seemingly anywhere in the world.

Regardless of my inner voice badgering me to cease and desist, this is my first blog post! (gulp) When the reasons to stop creating become deafening I return to a mantra offered to me in a yoga class several years ago: LOVE WHERE YOU ARE & START FROM THERE.  In the class the teacher implored us to recognize where we are in our practice, and on a larger scale where we are in our lives.  To wish we were somewhere else or our circumstances different is futile.  Easier said than done! There are a mountain of reasons why it is not the right time to take on this new adventure.   None of them are good or original. To stop and stay comfortably right where I am would be easier but certainly tedious after some time.

my first step

So here it is!  I embrace where I am and am beginning.  My hope is my site and blog will become a resource for folks seeking to learn more about yoga.  It will feature what I have to offer at this time in my life and teaching career.  Additionally, I will highlight teachers, books and resources that inspire and contribute to my teaching.  And if I am lucky it will inspire at least a few to attempt something new that helps them to expand and show more of themselves to the world around.  The first step is always the hardest.

All that to say if you are interested in practicing yoga check out what I offer here.  If this resonates, let me know.  If you have questions, let me know.  I look forward to connecting and hearing from you.


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  1. Cindy Hsieh
    Cindy Hsieh says:

    Omg Nora. As I was reading this, your originality, your wisdom, your “Nora-ness” was so vividly clear. And I love that mantra; it truly brought a tear to my eye. Good luck with your new website & all the amazing things that will follow. You’ve inspired me to renew my blog. (I blog…like once a year. Totally worth my domain fee. NOT.)


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