Dear Wall, Thank you for the support!

 Dear Wall,

You surround me day after day.  You hold up the ceiling, display pictures and works of art, connect with the floor.  You are the unsung hero of buildings and homes everywhere. Even when I unroll my mat along the floor for practice, I try and find a space near you for the comfort you provide.

As a yoga prop, I do not feel you get all the credit you deserve.  Sure mats are ubiquitous but not necessary (another workshop on this to come!).  Blocks are garnering more attention for their ability to bring the floor closer to students’ hands in a forward fold, provide a little grounding for their nervous systems, and a little relief for their hamstrings and low back.  They also provide a landing pad in balance poses and are even used as extra weight to increase external load in many poses.  Straps go hand-in-hand with blocks to help students reach their feet in seated postures and can even be used to provide some feedback in rib-expansion to help practice breathing.  Bolsters, a favorite prop, takes center stage in restorative classes. I get giddy when a teacher recommends a bolster at the beginning of practice… the mere thought of lying over a bolster can bring a little tear of joy and relaxation to my eye!

But you wall, you are mostly used to save students from toppling over in their quest for the elusive handstand or headstand.  Sometimes with enough time, forethought and few enough students you are used for a luxurious legs-up-the-wall (combining the wall and a bolster…ahhhhhhh, bliss!).  Based on your strength and the support you provide day in and day out, I know you are not utilized to your full potential.

What if, because of your unmovable nature, students use you to provide feedback as to which body part is actually moving in which poses.  For example a simple shoulder circle done at the wall can provide excellent feedback for shoulder ROM (range of motion).  Or maybe by practicing backbends – spinal extension- against a wall students begin to love the phrase “today we are going to work on backbends” instead of feeling the common twinge in their low-back at the mere mention. You are great support for inversion and balance work but I know you can offer so much more!

Thank you for the support you offer and I am excited to deepen our relationship!


yoga students everywhere

The reason for this ridiculous post!

I am super excited to be offering a two-hour workshop this Sunday, April 29th at iShine Yoga & Wellness completely centered around wall support.  We all have walls around us in our homes and places of work which offer the perfect opportunity for a little practice where ever you are.  Join me to learn some unique ways to incorporate the wall into your practice in everything from forward folds, standing poses, balance, twists, backbends and inversions as well.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I hope to see you on Sunday at iShine!


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