Sound & Color | A Journey Through the Chakras

The motivation behind the magic

A little over a year ago, while co-leading a yoga retreat, I had the opportunity to meet Grant Hill (Ion Sound) and experience a yoga practice while he played the hand-pan. It was nothing short of magic! I remember lying on the floor next to an open window. The practice began in the late afternoon and I could hear the sounds of the Nantahala River in the background and feel the warm April breeze on my skin. More immediate in my awareness were the sounds of Grant’s playing and being lead through a beautiful yoga class by Genevieve, my co-leader on the retreat. I was moved to tears by this practice, something that throughout my 11 years of practice had never happened to me before.

An asana or movement practice in yoga is a powerful tool to help you feel more at home in your physical body. Exploring the different ways you can move, finding what is possible for you in each moment can bring you back from the twists and turns in your mind to the comfort of your breath and the wonder of your life. Pair that with music and for me you have the recipe to be transported from the mundane to the miraculous. Granted there are plenty of times I turn on tunes and come to my mat and all I feel are the aches and pains of an aging body and the almost constant background noise of the chores I have yet to complete and the needs of my family that I am tasked with caring for. But hope for inspiration and the possibility of each moment are always there and that is enough for me to come back again and again.

Why am I writing about this?

Maybe this post will motivate you to come to a mat for the first time ever to link breath and body. Or maybe it will bring you back after a hiatus in hopes of finding whatever sparked your practice to begin with. But in complete transparency, it is information and shameless promotion for my upcoming workshop. (Doesn’t make it any less true but it is in fact the motivator to get me to write!)

So without further ado… join me next Saturday, April 27th, from 3:00 – 5:00 PM when Grant and I will be joining forces to offer Sound & Color: A Journey Through the Chakras at iShine Yoga & Wellness combining live music and movement (asana). I will lead the movement while Grant plays music on top of a base rhythm he has composed for the occasion. Hopefully it will be nothing short of transformational! And at the very least it will be beautiful music and varied movement to move your mind and your body.

What do the chakras have to do with anything? And what the heck is a chakra?

If you are unfamiliar with the Chakras, no worries! The chakras are a way to tell a story about our energetic body. They are theoretical energy centers in your body that roughly line up with nerve ganglia along the length of your spine. Traditionally, each chakra is related to a certain color, a universal element, a seed sound and a human developmental stage.

For example the first chakra, Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. The color red is associated with it and the element is the earth. The seed sound is ‘lam’ and the developmental stage is en utero to 12 months old. The movements we work with for this chakra help to facilitate grounding and a sense of security. Generally shapes that focus on the feet and legs and provide a sense of stability are utilized to work with this chakra. Through the workshop you will learn about each chakra and maybe begin to feel in your body which chakra might be overactive or under-active and where you might focus your attention on your mat moving forward.

What role does the music play?

When intentional movement for each chakra is combined with music the experience of the energy of each chakra can be heightened. We experience music differently than speech and even movement. Music, at least for amateurs, is experienced with the right hemisphere of your brain. This is the hemisphere that experiences empathy and emotion. Unlike language and everyday speech, music can help us express emotion and feel things that otherwise would go unnoticed. Additionally the vibration of the music might help you better access the vibration of each chakra and ultimately heighten your experience of feeling both your physical and energetic bodies.

One last shameless plug

JOIN ME and Grant on Saturday and be open to whatever you experience. This will be a very unique practice that you do not want to miss! Two hours filled with beautiful moving music, unique movements and plenty of information to learn about the chakras and your energetic body. ALL levels and ALL bodies are welcome and invited.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact page on my website.

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