Nora is a searcher at heart.  She came to yoga searching for a method of cross-training for cycling & running & found so much more.  The more she practiced, the more she noticed a change not just in her body but her mind & her relationship to the world around her.  She loves the increased flexibility & strength gained from yoga practice but she continually comes back to her mat, day after day, to calm her mind & feel centered in her body.  As her practice & knowledge deepen, Nora realizes how little she knows, how everyone she meets is a teacher & the search for a comprehensive understanding of yoga is limitless.  She is excited to spend the rest of her years diving into the study of yoga and exploring where ever it takes her.

Currently Nora enjoys teaching beginners & more advanced yogis alike. She teaches vinyasa flow, pre & post-natal,  nidra, seniors, athletes & everyone in-between.  Through her classes, she strives to empower students to find physical mobility & strength & emotional & mental flexibility.  Her classes are meant to be challenging but accessible to all levels of yoga practice.

She began a dedicated practice in 2008 and completed her 200 hour RYT training with Lori Burgwyn at Franklin Street Yoga Center in Chapel Hill, NC  in April 2010  and Level I training with Baron Baptiste in October 2010.  She has also completed the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors training with Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff at Duke Integrative Medicine and Yoga Anatomy training with Leslie Kaminoff.  She continues to study and learn through a consistent practice and seeking out other teachers when she can.

When Nora is not teaching yoga you can find her with her family on their farm enjoying nature, gardening or cooking.